Sunday, February 21, 2010

Feb 19 - 21 Fredericksburg, Uvalde

On Friday, 19th, we had a good day - went to Wal Mart and got some needed supplies, talked to the people at the post office about changing our address, went to Social Hour, met with the current managers and worked out our schedule for the month of March. 

We made arrangements to drive up to Fredricksburg to meet Jim/Joan and go to the Nimitz Museum on Sat.  We had a wonderful breakfast buffet at the Azteca Mexican restaurant in Hondo (rice pudding to die for), and so our day started at 7:30 am.  By the time we got to Fredricksburg it was 10:30, and we were off to the museum.  I can't say enough about it - it was fabulous.  We took many many pictures, which don't do it justice - suffice to say we spent about 4.5 hours there. 

When we left there, we stopped at the book and gift shop, and the lady there said the best 'german' food was at Der Lindenbaum, about 3 doors down from there.  We went there for an early dinner - David had goulash that was fantastic!  I had a special which was a frankfurter, local sausage, saurkraut, german potato salad, homemade rye bread...yum yum!  We topped off this feast with a slice of lemon merengue cake that we shared...WOW!

Here are some of the flowers in pots along the streets there...Janet, these are for you :) 
When we got ready to leave (at 3:30) we discovered I had a flat tire.  We called Good Sam ERS and waited and waited and waited.  We finally got back on the road at 5:30...I was pretty unhappy, because I don't like to drive on roads I don't know after dark!  We got home about 7:30, so it wasn't too bad.

We got up to a spectacularly nice day - high was to be 76 (although it got up to 79!), and had a leisurely breakfast - I made french toast, sausage and eggs.  We took Cinder with us and set off to explore Uvalde, about 40 miles away.  It was a great trip, the town population is about 15,000 so bigger than Hondo, and they have a lovely park and the usual stores.  There is a place called The Oasis - which is kind of like a miniature Cabela's, with a fabulous restaurant with terrific BBQ! 

We came home and just vegged out in the shade by the MH...this evening I went over to the clubhouse and played card bingo - I won 1 game which put me 80 cents ahead...I'm rich!

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  1. After Len works 3-4 weeks with his brother in the Houston area, we will be heading to Austin to meet our great grandson. Then we will stay in the hill country for a while. Perhaps we will catch up with you at some point.