Monday, February 8, 2010

Feb 2 through 8th

Once again we've been very, very busy!  We had an appt for the car to get it's 60,000 mile checkup - Janet and Dave were nice enough to drive down to Portland (nearest Chevy garage), pick us up at 8am, and chauffer us around for the day in Corpus Christie!  What a great time! 

We started our day at Chef's - a downtown diner that has been in business for 62 years - great breakfast with a reasonable price.  We then visited two restaurant supply houses...what fun - I bought a new spatula that I didn't need, but fell in love with :)  Then we went to a kitchen gadget shop, and amazingly enough, the owner was chatting on the phone and I overheard her say 'Lander', so when she got off the phone I asked if she was talking about Lander, WY...she said yes, her husband was from there, and she was from Riverton!  Well, David chatted with her a bit - isn't it a terribly small world when you can be in Corpus Christie TX and talk to someone who grew up where you did?  Amazing!
We went to SunHarvest, which is fast becoming my favorite grocery store, they have great fresh fruits and veggies - can't beat the price!  We visited a Big Lots store, and because Janet and Dave gave us a heads up, we found SNYDERS of Berlin potato chips - I bought 8 bags :)  Many moons ago I worked in that factory!  It is such a treat to get them!  We then drove around and found the American Bank building which boasts some terrific architecture - the pictures don't do it justice! 
We followed up by having an early dinner at a place called Ricksters - NOT recommended.  The car was finally finished and after laying out $724 we were on our way.  The upside is that I have new brakes, and all the belts and stuff were replaced, radiator and transmission both flushed and the engine is like new!  YaaaaYYYY!

Friday night we went to the Moose Club in Aransas Pass - it was steak night and OMG...they were 1.5 inch steaks, cooked perfectly to order, served with salad, huge baked potatoes, fresh bread, and warm brownie...all for $12 per person!  Yum yum yum!!

Saturday we got some groceries, and then we went to the Peace Lutheran Church for a spaghetti dinner - the picture tells the tale nicely!  They served a salad, garlic bread, spaghetti, chocolate cake and ice tea for $5...what a deal!  We then visited with Jim/Joan, Joe/Sandy for a while before coming home.

Sunday morning I made breakfast - which I have not really made for over a month - it was eggs, pancakes and sausage...and very good!  We met Dave and Janet at the China A Super Buffet at 2 pm and ate our fill...we didn't need anything else, but munched on some cauliflower and dip during the Super Bowl.  Yaaayyy Saints! 

Today we had a general pot luck - and as usual we had far too much food!  As you can see there was lasagne, tuna noodle casserole, saurkraut and sausage with mashed potatoes, tossed salad, garlic bread, chocolate cake and donuts!  There will be no dinner tonight!

Stay tuned for more, as we will be doing a bit of traveling, and attending some fun events in the next week or so! 

Dave and Janet, thanks for chauffering us around, it was a great day!  Jim/Joan and Joe/Sandy, your time is drawing to a close, and we will miss you very much when you go - but let's do everything we can until that time comes!

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  1. Okay Peggy - so why do you grocery shop when you eat out all the time????? Just asking.....LOL