Monday, February 1, 2010

Jan 30 through Feb 1

Oh let's see what we've been up to!!!  On Friday we had a stay at home day - David was not feeling well and we were expecting delivery of his Christmas present, a new Lazy-boy rocker/recliner.  The old one was 13 years old and very broken down.  We searched and measured, and measured and searched until we found one that would fit, both in the MH and in our budget!!!  It is beautiful and he really likes it!

Saturday we went to Allegro Key for a WC rummage sale - it is a HUGE deal here, and it takes two big buildings to house all the 'stuff', however, when we found out that the line was an hour to and hour and a half, we decided that there was not anything we needed that badly!  We came home, got naps, then went with Janet and Dave to Panjo's for dinner.  I highly recommend their pizza - if you like thin and crunchy crust.  We each got one and they were fabulous!  I forgot to take a picture of the pizza...

Sunday we had a 'chili pot' supper.  Each couple made a pot of chili - we put them all together in one big roaster and did we have a feed!!!  Woo Hoo - and there was enough for everyone to have some leftovers!  Yum!  We also had cornbread, crackers, cheese, onions, and chocolate brownies with caramel icing...can't get much better than that.  Of course we spent hours just sitting around talking!  We had a great time with our friends!
No, she hadn't had a drink!
Today we took off on some errands - I had ordered my birth certificate, never dreaming they would send it UPS overnight to Cheyenne...of course, I'm not there and I really don't have a permanent address yet - until we get to Livingston and become Texas residents the end of off we went to talk to the nice (and uncooperative) people at the UPS store. 
We then got a tank of gas, made an appointment for Cinder to go to the groomers next Monday (she is shedding like it is summer!), and headed to Portland to find a Chevy dealer.  It is time to get the 60,000 mile check up done on the car before something goes wrong.  That appt is now set for Thursday, at 8 am.  I'm going to have to see if any of our 'friends' would come pick us up and we'll buy 'em breakfast...any takers???  The car will be in the shop at least 4 hours, so we need to find some stuff to do in Corpus!

We drove into the village of Ingleside, and did a drive around there to see what was there - and were not impressed.  Kind of a dirty little town, with several big plants there (Dupont and OXY), but not much in the way of anything nice.

We came home and ate leftover sloppy joes for dinner...yum! 

More later - thanks to all our friends for such a special time in our lives!


  1. Here we are in Livington. Tomorrow me start our process of becoming Texans. I'll let you know how it goes! Take care.

  2. Peggy - BEFORE you change to Texas residency, please contact me or look at my thread on RV-Dreams about the costs. Had we known that was in store we probably would have registered somewhere else.