Friday, January 29, 2010

Jan 27, 28, 29

Tuesday was once again the Big Fisherman. We all went this time, so there were 8 of us enjoyed country fried steak, fried fish, chicken gizzards and livers…all you can eat of any of them for $2.25! It was yummy as usual!

After lunch we went by Pawelek’s Meat Market, where they were having the special of $1 a lb burger – limit of 5 lbs. It is good burger (NOT lean) and a great price, but you only get it for that if you have cash. What a deal!

Tuesday night we had a big scare, our dear friend Janet had a TIA (mini stroke) and it gave everyone pause as to how quickly life can change for us. Thankfully, she was treated quickly and there are no lingering effects. Yaaay Janet! Kudo’s to Dave for keeping his cool and insisting on what needed to be done. You two have become very special friends, and we want you around for many, many years :)

Wednesday we got together here at the clubhouse for Mexican themed pot luck. What a spread we had. Janet made a fabulous Taco Cheesecake (I STILL want the recipe please), there was a burrito lasagna, poppers with fantastic sauce, taco salad, and some fresh pineapple and chocolate for dessert….yum yum! The potluck started at 2 and we sat around and talked until 5! That is what this is all about!
Taco Cheesecake...yum yum
Thursday was a very special day – our friends Ron and Kathy stopped by to visit us for a couple hours – they are members of the Red Dale National Wagon Train, and of the Longmont Drifters. They’ve known Jim/Joan and Joe/Sandy longer than we have!!! They arrived at our place about 10, and we all met for lunch at the Paradise Grill – what a great time we had. We were able to sit out on the patio even though it was a little chilly – the nice folks lit two of those big patio torch heaters, so that kept us cozy. We all had a great lunch and talked until after 2! Once again, a successful event! Ron and Kathy headed west to Harlingen where they are parked for the winter (see you soon you two!)

Later we attended the business showcase at the Paws and Taws Convention Center. WOW, what a crowd!!! It was kind of like the ‘Progress and Prosperity’ luncheon put on for Frontier Days, except there was no sit down meal or buffet, but way more people than at any Business After Hours that we’ve ever attended in Cheyenne.

We topped off the day at Dairy Queen – with Janet and Dave, for a light dinner and a blizzard!

Today we're staying in, weather is rainy and chilly.  I've making sweet potato salad and sloppy joes :)  I did 2 loads of laundry this morning, and I have a couple voice mails, so I need to run to town and get them (maybe I won something from last night!). 

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