Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jan 17 through 19th cookout, nice weather

Sunday was a fabulous day - we awoke to beautiful sunny skies and temps in the high sixties - a great day for a cook out!!!

That is what we did - each couple brought their own meat to grill, and Dave & Janet have a grill big enough for most (we did our pork chops on our little Safari Chef grill).  Everyone brought something to share, so the menu was fantastic - new little red potatoes with sea salt & butter, cole slaw, cowboy baked beans, deviled eggs, a spinach salad with bacon dressing (to die for), caramel apple salad and a sock it to me cake!!!  We had plenty to eat, that's for sure!  We spent several hours just talking, laughing, and reminiscing, since Joe and Sandy were scheduled to leave Monday morning for Austin - we were so sad to see them go!

After the clean up, we ran into town so I could call my mom - for some reason Skype does not work for her - she says there is an echo and she simply can't hear we went in to call her.  We were privileged to watch the most beautiful sunset, and of course neither of us brought our camera's! 
Monday morning once again the weather was gorgeous.  We burned a rom of pictures to take over to give to Joe and Sandy...and when we got there, they decided that they were staying for another month....Yippee, Yahoo, YaaaaY!  That's wonderful news, now lets make some more plans :)  Monday afternoon we all gathered together for 'happy hour', and that was fun!  We of course had munchies, and everyone brings their own 'libation', whether it is scotch or ice tea or anything in between!  We sat around and chatted until the mosquitos and the chill drove us in.  What a nice evening!

Tuesday of course was The Big Fisherman - another wonderful lunch of fabulous fried fish, all you can eat for $2.25 per person.  Amazing!  I did get a couple loads of laundry done in the morning, and then we went to the movies last night - we saw Book of Eli...good movie if you are a Denzel Washington fan...and a plot that was excellent! 

Stay tuned for some different adventures - I think we're going fishing!!!


  1. Oh Peggy, how I wish we were in your area now. Sounds like a party every day. Give me a few weeks and I will be ready to go!


  2. Not every day - but we do try to do something together as a group each day :) We love this life, if only we can find a way to continue to afford it!

  3. Positive thoughts!

  4. Positive thoughts!