Monday, January 25, 2010

Jan 20 through 25 Fishing, fun, beautiful weather

It's been a while since I updated, mostly because we have been SO busy!  We've made a trip to Corpus Christie, finding Sunharvest store where we were able to purchase steel cut oats and some wonderful produce - that will not be the last time we're there!  We topped off a wonderful day with an early dinner at Johnny Carino's.

Biggest news is we went fishing...twice!  First last Thursday, we all packed a picnic lunch and off to Goose Island State Park, where we fished and fished, it was 83 degrees, and I got fried!!!  There was an assortment of fish caught, (none by me), Janet and Dave each got a very nice black drum, Jim caught a couple trout, and put them both back ***we now are pretty sure that 1 was a keeper*** and I caught a sunburn!!!  We went at 9 am and came home after 4 pm - a great day was had by all!

Saturday David and I took Cinder for a ride, and we went to the farmer's market in Aransas Pass, then drove over to Sinton, where we found some good produce buys, we got 33 oranges for $6, a huge pineapple for $3, and some nice tomatoes too! 

Sunday was yet another cook out - we went to Joe/Sandy's and cooked out - we had brats, hot dogs, burgers, baked beans, macaroni salad and tossed salad.  We all had a lovely time, even though the wind was incredible...

Today we awoke to beautiful sunny skies, with nary a cloud...we had made arrangements to meet together at Capt'n Benny's II across the bay.  However, they were closed, so we had lunch at 'Pops'.  It was fun and the burgers were amazing! 

Then some of us piled into cars and off we went back to Goose Island for more great fishing.  Several fish were caught, (Jim caught 4 catfish!) but we kept none of them...I think everyone caught except me!

At any rate, another perfect day - thanks friends, for some great memories!

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  1. What? Caught catfish and kept none of them? Do you know that is against Leonard's Louisiana religion???? LOL!