Monday, January 11, 2010

Jan 3 through 11th Sick and cold...brrr

It has been a week since I updated, and so I apoligize to anyone that is checking daily :(  I know how disappointing it is when you check and check for a blog and there is nothing new.

On Sunday Jan 3rd we went to the American Legion for oysters.  Now, I've never been a fan of oysters, however, David and I each had oyster stew and it was delicious - Joan was looking for her oysters (she only got a couple), but they also had fried oysters, but the big winner of the lunch was Joe who got the baked oysters...yum yum!  It was $2.50 per bowl of stew, $5.00 for the other items.  We had our usual good time, always finding something to laugh about!

Monday, Jan 4th, we convoyed down to visit the USS Lexington - Joe and Sandy opted out as she was ill.  I had already been, so decided that I would chauffer, but would take a book and wait in the car.  Thanks to Bill Miller, a wonderful man that works aboard the Lex, Jim/Joan/Dave/Janet and David had a wonderful tour (including ghost stories!).  They started it at 10:45 and finally arrived back at the car 3:45 pm.  Needless to say, everyone was starving, so we (oh I'm sorry) went to Pier 99 right next door that had been written up in some magazines and drive ins and dives.  Well, this was much more on the 'dive' side - maybe because it was not very clean, and even though we asked our waitress to please wipe down our table, she never did.  I thought our food was good, Janet liked her cheesesteak plate - but when they brought our bill they dropped a 20% gratuity on each check...believe me, we were not planning on tipping that waitress anymore than 10% at the max.  She never came back with the requested mayo, nor did she check if we wanted more water, or anything else for that matter.  I must say it left a bad taste in our mouth - we would not recommend it!

Late Monday night, I had serious stomach issues going on - projectile vomiting and terrible pain...that lasted until Wed afternoon.  No matter what I did I was in pain from what I suspect was a tummy bug with a high influence of some type of food poisoning...I know I only want to look at a shrimp if I cook it :(

We spent Thursday and Friday just trying to get better, there were several of us under the weather and there was soup and toast on the menu.  We did go to the VA on Thurs for David to visit withthe nutritionist.  His blood work was terrible, so he is on a pretty strict food regimen right now, and less than impressed with it.
Saturday we went to the little town of Goliad, about an hours drive from Rockport.  It was too cold to really enjoy walking around, but we all took our furkids with us and they had a ball!  There is a lot of history there, including an old mission that is now part of a Texas State Park.  We will definitely be doing it again.

Today on the agenda was a pot of ham and bean soup - with sides of tortillas, coleslaw, and still warm pineapple upside down cake with cool whip....yum yum!  Thanks everyone for some great memories!

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  1. Peggy - so sorry to hear of the health issues. Hope all is better now. But altogether it sounds like all is going well with you all.

    Once I get over this thing I have, I will be headed your way for sure!