Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jan 12 through 16th

Wed the 12th was another do nothing day - the weather was cold and nasty, so we stayed home, read a good book. 

Thursday we had planned to go to Kings Ranch, in Kingsville TX, and athough the weather was once again nasty, we took our bumbershoots, lunches and jackets and headed out on the approx 150 mile trip.  Dave and Janet begged off (more of this illness stuff that keeps going around!), so we were solo in our car, while Jim/Joan, Joe/Sandy rode together.  The plan originally was to find a nice picnic area and have lunch, prior to taking the noon tour.  Well, with the weather being what it was, we threw ourselves on the mercy of the folks at the visitor center.  Since there was no one else there, they allowed us to have our 'picnic' in their media room, and they supplied the coffee!  How cool was that!

We watched a 31 minute video prior to boarding our bus - and it's good we did, because the rain just poured down, making seeing a lot of things and/or taking any really good pics practically impossible.  However, we soldiered on, and did the tour - we also bought tickets to the musuem.  The ranch is an amazing place, and I highly recommend the tour - however I don't recommend the museum - not a lot there to see for the price.

Of course following our normal inclination,we asked where there was a good place to eat, and followed directions to the best mexican food we've had since we were down here.

Friday was once again a rainy, cold, miserable day - we got 5 inches of rain in 30 hours, so no one was happy, even Cinder.  She's not real fond of getting wet, kind of like us!  We spent the day snuggled in, reading and playing on our Wii - we're both trying to get at least 20 minutes a day on exercise, mostly balance and yoga.  We're hoping that if we must be fat, we should be fit - and most of all we want David's blood work to improve!

Today we awoke to more drizzle, and chilly temps.  We went with our 'crew' to the Masonic lodge where they serve an all you can eat breakfast for $4 - we got our money's worth, then stopped by the Fulton Farmer's Market where it was simply too cold to even get out of the car - and the vendors were all in their vehicles trying to stay warm! 

We then visited the local H.E.B. store where we got some groceries for tomorrow. 

That brings us up to date - this evening we are having leftovers for dinner, I made taco soup yesterday that is calling our name!

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  1. Oh, Peggy, I am so much looking forward to finally getting on the road and catching up with you. Glad to hear you will be in that area for a while longer. I would hate to miss meeting you. BTW, I am counting on you to pass on lots of info on the best (and cheapest) places to eat!