Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jan 2 - Port Aransas

We started out this morning at the Fulton Farmers Market, then breakfast with Janet & Dave at Alice Faye's, nice! 

Then we came home and I did some laundry, and at 11 am we met up with Jim/Joan, Joe/Sandy and took off for Port Aransas.  Dave and Janet went separately since they were taking 'tater' so she could run on the beach.  We went across the ferry and stopped at a coffee shop (bathroom break) !  Then headed to the beach, where even though it was very windy and chilly, everyone walked on the beach and collected some shells...and Joe/Sandy walked down the jetty and watched some fisherman and boats.  David was not having a good day healthwise, so we took a short walk and then sat in the car, happily watching the boats and people.

We took a quick drive to Mustang Island State Park to see if they would let us have a 'free' 20 minute pass to see how we liked the area - when they said no, we had to pay $4 per person, we politely declined!  That means they won't be getting our business in the future either!

Then we went to Port A Pizzeria for a very good pizza buffet, complete with soup and salad bar, calzones, and ice cream...

We then headed back to the ferry - where Dave and Janet were across from us, and she took this picture!!!

Wonderful day, and we're snug in our home, relaxing and getting ready for a long winter's nap...oh wait, that was a couple weeks ago!

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