Thursday, February 11, 2010

Feb 9 - 11

Tuesday the 9th we once again went to the Big Fisherman - but our group has gotten very small - it was David and I and Dave!!!  Janet wasn't feeling up to snuff, Joan was tired of it, Sandy and Joe had to stay home and wait for the propane guy...I'll tell you, it was the best fish yet!!!  Yum!  When we returned home we stopped over to visit the folks at Rockport 35, and David helped Marlene and Dwaine with their computer and TV issues.  We had a nice visit. 

Wednesday was a good day - we met up with several of our friends at JJ Burger works for breakfast (it was a trial run to see if it was good)...the answer was yes.  David loved him omelet, it had chorizo and grilled jalapeno's...everyone liked their breakfast.  I had a couple of 'nots', I asked for country potatoes and got hash browns instead, and when my Rye toast came it was one what is up with that!  I didn't even complain, the waitress was so busy - and the only 'real' complaint I had was that it was far too crowded between the tables. 

The rest of the day we hung out - David managed to hose Jim/Joan's internet connection - no where did it say they could not download a big file, and he was trying to get Jim's Garmin updated for their trip home - they are locked out of the internet for 48 hours - that's Rockport 35 and Tengo internet - yuck! 

This morning we got up to buckets of rain, with no end in sight, so we called Jim/Joan and off we went.  We heard that there was a great restaurant in Bayside, TX that had wonderful burgers, and after a 25 mile drive, we found it.  Yep, the burgers were wonderful, as were the baked goods.  Then we decided that since we were that far, we might as well go see what Refugio looked like...then we came back through Beeville - Sinton and then back to Rockport. 
This is the Refugio Courthouse - Nice!
Now we have two places that we can recommend - JJ's Burger Works and the restaurant in Bayside :) 

This evening it is still pouring cats and dogs - supposed to be done by morning, I sure hope so, I need to do some laundry and hang it out - and we need to clean the shanty!!! 

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  1. Peggy: Did you have snow? Maybe I could send you some!? Tonight another 12 to 16 ins. I'm really tired of this stupid winter!!