Thursday, February 18, 2010

Feb 12 through 18

Well, it has been an eventful week!!! 

Saturday was Goliad market days, and we caravaned up - Joe, Sandy, Marlene and Dewayne and Marlene in 1 vehicle, Jim/Joan and David and I in ours.  There were lots of vendors, and it was simply a gorgeous day!  We had a fantastic lunch at Blue Quail Deli, and several of the folks had the 'famous' cream of jalapeno soup...I had a bite and it was good, but it was spicy!!!  David and I shared a wonderful Rueben.  Highly recommend if you are in the area!  We then toured Goliad State Park, and the mission that is in the middle of the park - someday we will spend some time in that park I'm sure, it is lovely!  We also visited several other missions, basilicas and museum.  We started the day out at 9 am, and got home at 4:45 - and we were very very tired, but happy!

We had a wonderful steak cookout on Valentines day with most of our friends, (Teresa and Rex couldn't make it), and the food was outstanding as usual!!! 

Monday was a windy, cold day.  In true full timers fashion, we gathered with Jim/Joan Jo/Sandy and after some debate, decided we would have dinner at the China Buffet, and so we did.  We watched a lot of Olympics every evening!

Tuesday was Big Fisherman, and we had 12 of us!  Lots of good food was eaten and we enjoyed every moment of the camaraderie. 

Our wonderful friends from Longmont Colorado, about whom you've read much the past two months were leaving Thursday morning...however, we wished them adieu at breakfast on Wed morning at JJ's Burger works. 

Because...we left immediately after breakfast and drove to Hondo, TX to interview with the board of the Lone Star Corral, an Escapee co-op park.  This was our second interview.  It was a beautiful day to travel, and we arrived about 2 pm - in time to get set up and have happy hour with the folks at the park. 

Today we were invited to breakfast by Lane and Evelyn Walker (and Lane just goes by 'Walker') and we joined them along with about 10 other couples/singles at Bill and Rosa's...thanks so much for breakfast...we really enjoyed it and it was just what we needed to cement in our minds just how much we wanted the job!!!  It's all about the people :)

This afternoon, we interviewed...and WE GOT THE JOBS!!!   Woohoo!  Beginning March 1 we will be in training, and April 1 we will be the managers of the Lone Star Corral - in Hondo TX for a year!  We are so pleased, and we just know that we will have a great time here, learn lots, and wow, what a resume builder!!!  If you want to see our park, just search for it on google!

We celebrated by going out for a very good mexican dinner (best we've had since we left New Mexico), and now we're exhausted.  For those of you that email me regularly, I'll be sending out new address information in the next couple days...

Yahoo, we've got jobs - doing something we know we'll like, and living the lifestyle we love! 

I'll be very busy the next couple days, but I'll try to update more often. 

To our Colorado friends, 'Thanks for the memories - it's been a terrific two months'...and to our Virginia friends - we'll be back Monday night - we need to hit ALL the high spots before we leave!!!

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  1. Wow! Peggy and David!!!! Congratulations....dreams do come true!