Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 catch up


We arrived in PA June 3, in time for my uncle Oscar’s funeral.  We spent the next 7 months enjoying family.  We had Ariel Bethelmy, our granddaughter for 7 weeks, and took her camping with us for a week, and cousin Donna Huston came down camping too.  A good time was had by all.


We also attended 4th of July activities with family, several family reunions, hot dog roasts, and let’s not forget, Daryl Bethelmy’s retirement on July 11th…we had a blast with all the family and friends that came.  We got to renew our friendship with Daryl’s mom, Irma and her friend, Peter, aunt Myrna from the Chicago area, his sister Solange and her hubby Andrae from New York City, Joe Krepelka and Vicky from NC, as well as tons of friends!  Nancy and Harry Gindlesperger, Angie and Alan Lepley and their children, Nick and Lauren came down from Berlin, so there was quite a houseful, as well as a great tour of DC on a trolley, and an organized trip to the Holocaust Museum as well.  It was a fantastic 5 days!

2014 07 11_5789


August the highlight was that we went to Williamsport PA to the Little League World Series.  What a blast!  We stayed there 5 days, then went north to New York state and visited with Bonnie Mason in Chenango Forks, New York.  We also went to the baseball hall of fame one afternoon.  It was a marvelous time that stopped us from having ‘hitch itch’ too bad!

Me N my kids

October Dawn threw a surprise birthday party for me, ‘cause I turned 60 on the 11th.  A lot of close relatives joined us at Oakhurst Tearoom…a great time was had by all!  Thanks Dawn!



Also October, we went to DC to watch Ariel sing in the choir for a concert – it was great. We also took Branden to his homecoming football game and the next night his homecoming dance.  Boy, he is a handsome boy!


End of October beginning of Nov found us visiting Gettysburg, PA with the kids in their motorhome.  We went on a haunted hayride, and had some quiet family time…love camping with them!  We left there and went to Weyers Cave VA to visit with Bob and Theresa Martin.  We stayed at the fairgrounds there and had a lovely 2 day visit.   


We got back to PA to SNOW…and had the motorhome winterized.  We went to DC for Thanksgiving with the kids, and before we went I made choc chip cookies, oatmeal scotchies, choc walnut fudge, choc pecan fudge, and peanut butter fudge, and pizzelles a loaf of banana nut bread and a pan of scotcheroos.  The kids were very happy Smile 


For Christmas, we once again headed to DC.  I took all of the above, PLUS peanut butter cup cookies, gobs, date and nut cake.  We had crab legs on Christmas Eve and the kids each got to open 1 gift, and Christmas day was so laid back and fun!  Dawn made a crockpot breakfast casserole, we all opened presents, (David got a bottle of 18 year old scotch, I got some Good on Ya lotions and potions, and we got a new portable safari grill for the motorhome – we were very pleased!  A couple days later we went to see ‘The Hobbitt, 5 Armies), and got back to Berlin PA Dec 29th.


We spent the next several days packing up the motorhome, thanks again to Donna Huston and her granddaughter, Mikayla, who helped load it up!  New Year’s eve we went to Hoss’s Steakhouse with Nancy and Harry Gindlesperger, Shirley and Len Gary, Mike and Jane Gary.  We all had a lovely time, we were home and in bed by 9:30 New Year’s eve!


And that brings us to the end…of 2015.




  1. Enjoyed catching up and hope to see y'all on the road!

  2. If you showed up at my house with those cookies and treats, I'd be happy too!