Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January 5, 6, 7, 2014


Sunday - We arrived at David Crockett State park, and since I had paid for our spot, went directly there as the office was closed.  We camped in a handicap accessible spot which was great because it was level and lots of cement patio for Cinder to lay on and watch the squirrels!  As soon as we arrived I called Ray Barnett, and he came over and looked at our water issue.  He needed to get parts, and said he would be back on Monday.  We puttered around and didn’t do much at all.  We finished up the ham, beans, potatoes and cabbage that Donna made for us before we left.


Monday – it was a raw, cold day.  Since we had water hookups I did some cleaning, and of course took Cinder walking.  I did cook a bit, made stroganoff for dinner and it was so yummy!  David loves it, I use hamburger instead of beef chunks, less expensive and just as good.  I also use the butterfields pasta, since it is much lower carbs than regular pasta.  The good thing is my sugar is starting to go back to normal levels – 131 for the morning fasting BS.  I had a couple days there where it was 180 – 190.  Scary but I think it was the stress of getting on the road, worrying about the water, etc. 

Ray came over about 4 with what he thought he needed to fix our problem, and of course he did have to go get another part, and the fix is temporary, but at a cost of $75 including the part, we certainly can’t kick!  We had an early night, because we wanted to get on the road reasonably early.


Tuesday – I had planned to stop in Corinth and tour Shiloh National Military park, but we had a mix up in our communications – I thought David knew where we were going, he thought what I put in GYPSY was wrong, so we missed the turn off by about 50 miles.  SO we came on down the road until we got to Natchez Trace RV Park, just south of Tupelo.  It had mixed reviews, but is a PA park, so we got full hookups, pull through site for $18 per night.  I’ll take it!  We got a reasonably level pull through, and started the ‘set up for cold weather’ stuff.  We dumped the tanks for the first time since we left home, filled the fresh water tank 3/4 full of water, then put away the sewer hose, water hose, put a heat light in the bay, and were done!  Lunch was left over stroganoff, and dinner was homemade vegetable soup.  So good!  Looked at the weather forecast and decided to wait until morning to decide if we were going down the road or staying put.


Wednesday – when we got up we looked at the weather, which was calling for 30 – 35 mph winds, along with temps in the low 20’s.  Tonight it was to go down in the teens, so we decided to stay put.  Since we were staying I got busy and made a ‘big’ breakfast of bacon, eggs, grits and toast.  We’ve mapped out the next leg of our journey, and I rearranged our medicine cabinet.  It is always a juggling act to keep the stuff we use every day with the stuff we use once a week in some sort of order…then of course there is the hair/beard trimmer, the toothbrush charger, porter salve, antibiotic cream, etc…the stuff you only use when needed, along with mucinex, robitussin, etc.  And it all has to fit in a small medicine cabinet!  I got it done, but it will probably get redone again when we get to TX. 


I also moved some glasses, pitchers, etc. to an underneath bay because I don’t use them very often.  I also made a grocery list of things we are running low of or out of!  I guess our next stop we will unhook the car.  We’re both getting hungry for pizza, so I understand there is a good pizzeria in Canton…so we’ll see!


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