Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January 1–4, 2015


We left Berlin at 9:30 am, New Year’s day.  As we traveled down the road, we reminisced about last New Year’s day when we left Yuma AZ after spending a month there.  The weather was MUCH better then!  As we left this year, it was –18 degrees…with a wind chill!  Bbbbrrrrr!!!  We stopped at the Borough shed and hooked up the car, and then we were off. 


We drove miles down the road, and decided to stop to refill my coffee, and let some of the water out as well!  We had a cereal bar and kept on going.  We stopped about 11 and had egg salad sandwiches for lunch, in a nice rest area.  We continued down the road, and stopped for the night at the Robert Newlon Airpark RV park in Huntington WV.  We had stopped there before, and were very pleased with the fact that it was a Passport America park and it was $12 for full hook ups.  Imagine my surprise when the manager said they were no longer PA…and that it would be $28 for the night, even though we didn’t want water or sewer.  We most likely not stop there again, even though it has nice pull throughs.


We got up Jan 2, and headed down the road once again, where we once again stopped for egg salad sandwiches for lunch, got to Singing Hills RV Park about 2 pm.  Long days for us, another day over 270 miles.  We got set up and since it was a balmy 48 degrees, decided it was time to put some water in the unit.  That’s when we ran into trouble.  The city water was good, but when we tried to fill the tank, water sprayed everywhere.  What a mess!  Oh well, just another bump in the road of full time RVing. 


On Jan 3rd we slept in, got showers and headed to tour the JIM BEAM distillery, about 60 miles away.  We enjoyed the drive, and the tastings.  We each were to have 2 1 oz samples…so David got 4 1 oz samples.  He slept like a baby back to Cave City!  We had a late lunch at El Matzalan, recommended by our Host at the park.  It was excellent!  We then went to Mammoth Cave National Park, which was nice but we did not go into the Caves, as David is claustrophobic and only made it through Carlsbad Caverns because the grandkids, Branden and Ariel, held his hand the entire way Smile  Love them kids!  We came home and just relaxed with cheese, crackers and wine for dinner, during the playoff game between Steeler’s and Ravens.  Well, THAT didn’t turn out too good! 


Jan 4th, we were up and on the road by 8:15 am, with our anticipated arrival at David Crockett State Park, where there is an RV Tech that we used this past spring.  We arrived at 1 pm…called the tech, then had some lunch.  He came, took a look, said he needed to get some parts and would be back tomorrow.  So, off he went.  We had lunch and took naps, then just enjoyed the view out the window.  We finished some great ham, potatoes, green beans and cabbage, thanks to cousin Donna!  It was just as good as it was the first time!  Tomorrow I will be cooking something fresh! 


That brings us up to date…happy trails y’all!

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