Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sept 11, 12, 13 Albany WY

Friday we left Cheyenne for Albany, WY where we camped with our local club, the Cheyenne Jackalopes! Our guests were 5 units from the Longmont Drifters. I think we ended up with 23 rigs – great turnout!

Friday evening many of us walked over to the Albany Restaurant and had a terrific meal. I think we made their weekend! We were in there for a couple hours (just visiting because it was very chilly outside) and when we walked back to the units, our friends Ron and Kathy came to visit. They will be spending part of their winter in Harlingen TX, the lucky ducks! We had a good time as always with this terrific couple.

Saturday morning dawned gray and cold! It was time to get out the sweats and layers! I looked and looked for my gloves – can’t find ‘em so I guess I’ll be getting a new pair…dang it! Once again we walked over to the restaurant with friends Jim and Joan – and found when we got over there a lot more folks from our group had the same idea! Nothing better than good fellowship at breakfast! The topics ranged from health care (no not the political carp, but who was hurting/doctors/surgeries) to games (who’s playing bean bags, washers, ladder golf) and everything in between!

Of course, when we went back to the rigs, the games began :) It is always so much fun, even though I was out on every one the first game…love to watch! David had issues breathing that high up (about 9,000 ft) so he just cheered folks on. A fun time was had by all.

We had a pot luck at 3:00 and the theme was ‘Mexican’. Boy, there was a ton of wonderful food! Even after seconds/thirds there were leftovers. We had our club meeting and then it got cold again. We went to Ron & Kathy’s for visiting, and was joined for a little while by friends Ray and Sandy. They are a unique couple originally from the east coast (VA and WV) so we have a lot in common. They are spending most of the winter in the Phoenix area – lucky people! About 9ish we headed on over to our unit, enjoyed a nightcap and hit the feathers! Sunday morning we gathered again for breakfast and fellowship. One club member, Clark had volunteered to make sausage gravy, so each unit took biscuits and/or fruit, juice, whatever to enjoy. I made blueberry cream cheese butter braid, a pan of biscuits, and watermelon. We had a great time!

We waved to all our friends as they pulled out heading for home. We were the last and we left about 3 pm, putting us back in Cheyenne around 4:30. Another wonderful weekend.

To all our friends – thanks for the memories!

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