Monday, September 28, 2009

Sept 24 -27 Columbine Parrish Ranch

On Thursday, Sept 24th, David took the motorhome on down to St Vrain state park where our friends Ron & Kathy were waiting for us! I drove down after work and we were set up - all I had to do was fix a drink :) While driving in, I realized our good friends, George and Melva were set up in another loop of the park. It didn't take long for Ron & Kathy to call and invite them over for drinks (they had already eaten dinner). We sat outside for a drink, at which time Melva was COLD and they retired to their rig. It really was chilly and windy!

Kathy made us a terrific dinner - homemade beef vegetable soup and fresh biscuits. It was much appreciated. Afterwards we went for a short walk and retired to our cozy little home :)

Friday morning we got up and beat feet to the grocery store so I could get ice cream and crust for a peach pie I wanted to bake. We stopped and had breakfast at Waffle House - they have great breakfast specials! By the time we got back, George and Melva already had left for Parrish Ranch, and Ron & Kathy were rigging up too. About 15 minutes later we were on the road for the 10 miles to Parrish Ranch where we were greeted by some of the Columbine Caravan club. We settled in and were out socializing within 15 mins - wonderful weather and good friends, what more could you want.

Friday afternoon we had munchies as more and more rigs came in, then we were treated to the All American Hot Dogs - 10 cents each. What a great time we had - some of the guys sat around and watched some type of ball game, while some of us just enjoyed a very fine fire!

Saturday dawned crisp and clear, with peacocks roaming around as well as some turkeys roosting in the trees. Then the games began - a washer tournament started at 9:30, and David made it all the way to the semi-finals. Him and Cho came in second :( but had a good time. At lunch time there was a meeting, then at 1:30 the bean bag tournament started!

After the tournament folks scurried around and we had a cream can dinner - with dessert!

We had entertainment for the evening, a very talented lady named Bobbie Bell - she plays and sings mostly 50's songs, and a good time was had by all. We managed part of a 'Tennessee Waltz' then we went home. We hit the feathers pretty early, but we were bushed!

Bobbie Bell
Sunday the Caravan treated us to wonderful muffins, fruit and dessert. Yum...then, as usual, people started packing up and heading out. We kept chatting with different people, until only Ron & Kathy and us were left - they went to a birthday party and we had a late lunch. We finally left Parrish Ranch about 3 pm...drove back to Cheyenne and up on our little pad.

To all our friends, old and new, thanks for the memories!

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  1. What a great idea? You manage to create a scenario that would be the envy of every working person. Spending time with family, friends and beautiful scenery. Keep up the good work. I'll be checking your blog from time to time.
    Clark and Rebecca Bell #2809 Drifters. If you are interested I have a bunch of songs on a website If you type in my name "Clark Bell" you will see my list of song materials especially for music teachers. It has been a pleasure to meet you and Dave and we wish the best for you wherever you happen to park your MH.