Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oct 15th Last Day at WORK!!!

The past two weeks have been quite a ride - I turned in my notice and today was my last day. I had my staff to dinner at our house, and they reciprocated by planning a fantastic pot luck for my last day - and I didn't have to cook at all.

'My people'...if you are reading this, thanks so much. I really appreciated it! Saying 'goodbye' is a hard thing to do, especially after 13 years - and here is a picture of me and my staff at our 'last supper'.

We've had an early fall storm dropping 10 - 14 inches in the Cheyenne area last weekend. We were in Loveland at Boyd Lake State park, and I drove back to work on Monday morning, took 2 hours from Wellington to ice and fog! Not at all pleasant.

Tomorrow we start the next chapter in the book of our life :) We're going down to Parrish Ranch for the last campout of the year with the Drifters, our dear friends. I'll try to write the blog in word and upload when we have internet service - which probably won't be for 7 - 10 days.

A very good friend said that I need to put a picture of David and I on the blog - maybe that will happen soon...kind of wanting a picture of us on the beach :)

To everyone who has made my last couple weeks very special - thanks for the memories!


  1. Mom,
    I am very glad your last day at work was good!!! Please be safe on your travels and e-mail when you have a chance!! There are those of us in Okinawa that love you!!!

  2. Peggy - I could not wait to see your first entry as a fulltimer! Now you really have me excited just waiting for January when we join you in those ranks.

    Take care and have fun!

  3. Congratulations on starting down the road! Yippee! So this winter will be spent in warmer climes I imagine. Best of luck to you both :)

  4. I am really proud of you mom!