Saturday, October 24, 2009

Oct 23 - 25 Moose Club - Albuquerque

We left Pueblo on the 22nd, and drove all the way to Las Vegas NM. Previous entry shows the snow we traveled through, and going through Trinidad and over Raton Pass is harrowing enough without the slick patches we saw (very few - thank heavens). David had knotted up shoulders and a headache by the time we pulled off at 3:30. We took the first exit into town and stopped at Pino's family restaurant. I asked permission to stay in their lot overnight and it was freely given. After we parked the MH and unhooked the car, we went in and had a fabulous meal! Cinder and I took a walk and it was getting pretty cold. Little did we know just how cold it would get overnight! We know it got down in the 20's because we had lots of ice on the car and MH when we got up!

One of the reasons we stopped in Las Vegas NM was a little place called Charlie's Bakery & Cafe, where they make homemade tortillas...for breakfast! With out tummies full, we left Las Vegas and 2 hours later we were parked at the Albuquerque Moose Club on Skyline Drive. We've parked here in the past and were warmly welcomed once again.
You can see from the beautiful blue sky that we have finally driven into wonderful 72 degree temperatures - and are looking forward to more of the same!

The first thing we did was make our list - Car to detailers, drive by daughter's house and check it out - stop at Walgreens for cough syrup for Dawn something vile called Buckleys, stop at Trader Joe's...We got it all done and was back at the MH by 3:45 - before the famous Albuquerque rush hour traffic! We had a lovely dinner of bbq ribs, baked sweet potato and peas...followed by a bedtime snack of homemade apple rolls. I hadn't made them in years, and I made them in Pueblo and shared with Ron & Kathy - and we had the leftovers!

This morning we set the alarm (oh no - thought I was done with that for a while!) and went to the Downtown Growers Market - everything has to be made or grown within 60 miles of ABQ - what a lovely time! We bought a winter squash, some Jerusalem artichokes, an heirloom tomato, and a basket of Rome apples. We wandered around for over an hour admiring the jewelry and crafts.
After that we went to World Market, one of our favorite stores for strange things :) We got some ginger beer, gnocchi, con queso, ginger snaps...then we came home and had some lunch and a nap...we DID get up early!

We met Ron and Kathy at the Route 66 diner on Central Ave (old route 66) and had dinner together - a couple of hours with good friends.

That brings me up to date, I'll try to post before we leave here on Monday.


  1. Peggy & David,
    It's so good to catch up with you. I'm glad you made it safely out of CO. We still haven't had any snow on the western slopes, just cold nights and blue sky days. I look forward to following your adventure.
    Hugs, Karon

  2. Thanks...but I see you haven't updated YOUR blog in two weeks...come on, I love reading about your days!