Saturday, October 31, 2009

Oct 31 - Happy Halloween

Today went exactly as planned :) We went to White Sands and played! But first, we provided the Rangers with David's handicap paperwork, and got the America the Beautiful Access Pass for free...yay us! We can now get into almost any National Park and/or Monument for free, and can camp for 1/2 price, so we'll be able to visit and enjoy more of this beautiful country! As you can see from the pictures, we actually climbed a couple dunes and had a great time. The temps were in the high 60's, so playing in that sand was just perfect!
Kids sliding down the dunes!

Queen of the Hill

King of the Hill - yep we both climbed up...and giggled and giggled!

Plant in front - then dues and just the tip of a mountian in the back!
If you look at this closely, it resembles a dragon!

A lone Soapstone Yucca, holding it's own against the process of the dunes.

Then we stopped back at the space museum and took some pictures of that - when we went on Wed afternoon is was cloudy, rainy and was great for pics!

This was so cool...there were two dishes about 100 yards apart, I stood at one and just almost whispered into the 'ring'...David stood at the other one and we could hear each other perfectly! Amazing!

We came home and had something unusual for lunch - I found a recipe that called for saurkraut, apples and cheddar cheese on a tortilla - first slice the apples very thin, then heat the saurkraut, in a skillet heat the tortilla, add hot drained kraut, thinly sliced apple,then grated cheddar cheese - fold tortilla in half, grill on both sides until golden and crunchy...holy cow, was it good! I thought I'd try it because I like all those things, but had never put them together...yum yum!

We took naps and then went to the Moose for a 'halloween' party/55th wedding anniversary party that we had been invited to (we didn't even know the couple whose anniversary it was)! What a great time! I of course, went as a cowgirl (I did manage to keep my red hat), and because I came in costume I got $10 'moose bucks' which kept us in drinks for several hours. They provided the food - oh my, those folks can cook! It was a buffet with freshly made salsa and chips, pulled pork, chicken and beef, corn, string beans, baked beans, potato salad, spinach dip, all kinds of fresh fruit, watergate salad, and of course cake. Needless to say, we ate more than we should have, so it's oatmeal for breakfast tomorrow!

David - thanks for the memories darling!
To all the new friends at this Moose club (especially Rick and his lovely bride), - hasta la vista, I'm sure we'll meet again!
Thanks for a wonderful 4 days!


  1. Hey...cute new pix on your header. Wish we'd had time to stop at White Sands and enjoy it like you guys did. Life on the road is great...right?

  2. You bet! We've dreamed of this for a long time, now it's really happening!