Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oct 16, 17 &18 Parrish Ranch with the Drifters

We pulled out of Cheyenne WY for the last time for a long time on Friday morning. It was bittersweet – we have so many friends that feel like family there! But, on with the adventure!

We arrived at Parrish Ranch about 1:00, greeted all our friends, had lunch and then the real fun began…chatting, munching, chatting some more. The weather was beautiful, and it was 68 degrees, no wind – perfect!

Saturday morning dawned chilly but sunny, and the peacocks and wild turkeys were all over the park, making Cinder very jumpy! She would lay under the MH…and wait until the birds were very close, then she exploded out…she caught feathers a couple times, but they are very fast birds :)

We played games Saturday morning, then at 1:00 pm we had the Parrish Ranch BBQ special as a group…oh my, there was pulled pork, bbq chicken, beans, slaw, two kinds of potato salad, rolls, and a baked on an old cook stove from scratch peach cobbler with soft serve ice cream….groan, there goes my healthy breakfast – down the tubes! The saving grace was that Cinder and I walked for more than a mile after – and then got a nap :)

Saturday evening we sat around the campfire, and had popcorn for dinner – we simply weren’t hungry for a big meal! I’ll post pictures if/when I can edit this thread!

Sunday morning I was up and cooking 9 lbs of sausage to make a roaster full of sausage gravy, and our friends came with fresh piping hot biscuits, fruit, juice and cinnamon rolls to round out breakfast! A great time was had by all!

The weather Sunday was hot hot hot! It was 89 degrees when we pulled into Pueblo State Park!

To all our friends – in Cheyenne and Longmont – Thanks for the memories!

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