Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oct 19,20,21,22 Pueblo CO

We got to Pueblo CO with friends Kathy and Ron – and are currently staying at Pueblo Lake State Park/Marina. It has been a marvelous start to our adventure!

First of all we spent the better part of two days unpacking, organizing, and repacking 6 of the bays in the MH – whew, what a job! Weather was fantastic and we had happy hour outside, enjoying some wonderful chips/salsa/dips, while imbibing in our beverage of choice :) Monday evening we had our friends for dinner – we had enchiladas and Kathy brought a salad. Yum!

Tuesday we went to visit Rosemount Museum. Built in 1893, this 37-room mansion was home to the John A. and Margaret Thatcher family and named for Mrs. Thatcher's favorite flower. It remained a family residence for 75 years. Designed by noted New York architect Henry Hudson Holly and two years under construction, the mansion was completed in 1893. Nearly all furnishings, accessories, decorative arts, paintings custom paneling, wall and window treatments are original to the home. Here is the url:
It was amazing to see the craftsmanship in this home. They said they planned it for 7 years prior to building – and it shows! If you ever get to Pueblo, CO and have an hour or two, we highly recommend it!

After the trip to the museum, we parted company with our friends and headed out to find some free wifi…do you know that Starbucks now charges to buy a wifi card??? $5 that’s just ridiculous! McDonalds has wifi…but again, you have to pay to use it. We’re on a rather strict budget, so no paying for wifi for us!!! After riding around for a while, we decided on treating ourselves to dinner at Golden Corral – it was very early, but we knew we could walk some of it off later – and lunch was pretty light, summer sausage, cheese, crackers and grapes. Well, we really lucked out, they were running an ‘early bird special’ and they gave us both the senior discount…so we had steak and seafood on an all you can eat price for the two of us was $14.69…what a deal!!!

We’d planned on leaving the area this morning, but a big snowstorm (10 inches at Raton) kept us here today – and we hope to leave tomorrow!!!

I used google information this morning to find the local library, which is where I’m posting this. We will remember that almost every library has free wifi…and nice clean restrooms, and water fountains, and magazines – yep, we’ll be visiting them quite often I think!

Again, I’ll try to post pictures when we have them where I can get at them!

Ron & Kathy – thanks for some great memories :)


  1. Hey Peggy - I posted a comment a few days ago following your last day of work. I guess I did something wrong as it didn't go through.

    We love the Golden Corral. There is one near where older daughter USED to live. I just googled it the other day and the closest to us is about 45 minutes away. It's worth the drive!

    I am just TOO envious of you right now. But I tell myself - Okay self, less than 3 months.

    Hopefully we will meet down the road. It the meantime, safe travels.

  2. Thanks Phyllis - I think the comment did go through, as I did a comment moderation this morning - they won't go until I have internet and it looks like having internet until we get to Rockport will be very spotty.

    I LOVE this rving lifestyle!