Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oct 26 - 27 Elephant Butte NM

We made the trip from Albuquerque to Elephant Butte NM on Monday, arriving at Lakeside RV Park. It was a quiet trip of about 2.5 hours, with a little wind but not too bad. After we got here we quickly got set up and found that the WIFI was not working :( They nicely explained that they had had a storm and were waiting on an expert to come fix it. sigh...

We hopped in the car and did a quick trip around town, looked at the State Park but wouldn't pay the money just to get in and drive through, so no pics of that! We went back to the cg and they have a 'happy hour' every day at 4:30 on the patio, (you are welcome to bring your iced tea if you prefer), and we met some terrific people from all parts of the country. The ones at the table were from: Baltimore, MD, Gillette, WY, Las Vegas, NV, London England, and Seattle Washington. There were 12 of us, plus another 6 or so in the clubhouse working on jigsaw puzzles! We went back to the MH and had leftovers for dinner.

Tuesday we got up and putzed around, the weather was gorgeous, 65 degrees at 8 am, so I took Cinder for a long hike through the scrub. She loved chasing the quail and rabbits! We were both winded when we got back! We went over to Truth or Consequences (they all say TorC) to Lincare to get David's oxygen refilled. While over there we visited the Vietnam Memorial wall - it is 1/2 the size of the one inDC, but it has all the names and all the emotions. Because the wind had kicked up we did not take the time to see the rest of the memorial - they have several but the new museum has not opened yet. We made the mandatory Wally World stop and went back to the MH. Since we had full hookups we took the opportunity to do some heavy cleaning (shower doors, windows, etc.) and I caught up on 13 days worth of laundry!

This campground has a great lending library (take one leave one) and a big library of movies to watch - David found two he didn't have :) We watched the weather forecast and decided that we would be leaving in the morning - further south because snow was coming to Albuquerque and we wanted no part of that!!!

No pics - nothing major to see here, but it was a good couple days.

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