Tuesday, September 1, 2009

August 29, Director's Meeting Wheatland WY

What a wonderful weekend! We went to Wheatland WY on Thursday night, and there were 4 rigs already there! We were all very happy to go out to dinner together, and went to a terrific restaurant called El Gringo's. It is a mexican/chinese restaurant owned by koreans! Wonderful food and the 8 of us really had a great time. We came back and just waddled around :)

Friday morning was a lovely leisurely time, we went shopping for a few perishables (I never seem to 'stock up' like I did when I wasn't living in the RV! Since we were the 'hosts' for the director's meeting, we told everyone that we would be having happy hour at 4, bring munchies and libation of your choice and join us! Well, by 3 we had 11 rigs there, and started the 'happy' early :)

We continued happy hour and didn't stop until about 8:30...when we went back to our rigs and went to bed!
Saturday again we had a slow start - I put a ham and new red potatoes in the nesco roaster for the pot luck at lunch, we went to a farmer's market (only 1 vendor!!!) and then we just sat around with our friends and visited...
We had a great pot luck, lots of food and a good Director's meeting. Saturday evening we again spent much time just sitting around chatting. What is better than good friends, fantastic weather, and camping? Nothing at all :)
Sunday morning dawned with grey cloudy skies, and from the news we found out that the haze was from the CA wildfires...but that was ok, I cooked sausage gravy and each unit brought a pan of biscuits (some brought fruit or juice instead) and we had a lovely farwell breakfast. Some friends had to pull out before breakfast, but most stayed, and by 10 am there were three of us left...we decided to have a nice nap, and once again got together for happy hour :)
It wasn't all just sleepin' and eatin'...I spent some time on the ladder, washing the windows on the MH. During the washing we discovered that the passenger side windshield had popped about 1/4 inch out of the frame. We just had both sides of the windshield replaced about 6 weeks ago. Needless to say, we called the glass shop immediately on Monday morning - they will be able to get us into the shop tomorrow, Wednesday. Sure hope they get it back in properly this time.
Sorry I didn't get more pictures - it is hard to cook and socialize and remember the camera!
To all my friends - thanks for the memories!

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