Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Aug 28 - Laramie Overlook/back to Cheyenne

We spent a wonderful weekend at Laramie overlook, our favorite spot on blm land. Our favorite 'Landerites' met us up there with their 5th wheel, and a good time was had by all! They have 3 little chihuahuas, Chalupa, Ya Quiero, and Pebbles. SO cute!

Friday night Chris made us terrific mexican lasagne...oh my, so good! We sat around and chatted for a while, until the chill run us in.

Saturday we had a great time, started out with biscuits with sausage gravy by yours truly, we walked a bit, but mostly sat and chatted! Denny sees full timing in their future, Chris has her doubts - ut we believe they will make it a priority in the future. We went to Laramie for lunch, 'Grand Avenue Pizza', then visited Wal Mart of course. We showed them where the Territorial Prison is with the dump station and potable water :) We enjoyed some great weather, it was 97 in Cheyenne and only 81 on the mountain.

Saturday night Chris and Denny treated us to a delightful mail of grilled steak, asparagus, and coleslaw! We grilled the steak on their birthday present to David, a lovely gas grill. Thanks you two!

We spent several hours watching the fabulous sunset, enjoying good friends and talking about old times and future times. We've decided that we are going to try to meet in Thermopolis in October sometime...our schedule is pretty full for Oct, but we'll fit it in somehow!

Sunday morning I cooked eggs benedict for a special treat. It wasn't long until it was time for them to head back to Lander, a 5 hour drive.

After they left, we decided that we were heading to JAX in Ft Collins across 287 to buy the stove we've been researching. It is made by Camp Chef, and after we measured (several times) we decided it is just what we wanted!

Monday I drove to town to work, and back to the mountain Monday night. We had a lovely dinner of leftovers, and hit the sack early.

This morning as I was headed back to work, on I-80, I had a flat tire. It was good that I have AAA, however I sat on the side of the road for 1.5 hours :( Not what I had in mind for my morning. The rest of the day was usual for work. We got new tires on the car to the tune of $360+ dollars. Oh well, shouldn't have any problems with them for a while!

Unfortunately David didn't have the card in the camera, so until he figures out how to get them on a card, I have no pics of the weekend :( (Edit, yep, got 'em off!)

Chris and Denny...thanks for the memories!

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