Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August 1 – Morning surprise

We had talked last night about being able to ‘sleep in’ this morning, and that was the full intention…but David got up about 5:30ish and was planning to come back to bed. Suddenly he yelled for me to get up, come see this. I stumbled out of the back and looked- oh my, a beautiful pair of elk walking through the field…followed by two more pairs…then about 5 minutes later came a huge bull. The others were bull elk too, but he was the biggest one, large rack and they were all sleek and well fed. This is the first time we have seen any real wildlife here, except for prairie dogs, hawks, marmots and the occasional chipmunk. We knew there had to be some, but were never able to spot any!

Got a call from Dawn, our daughter that her flight from Atlanta to Tokyo was at least 4 hours delayed and she was going to miss her connection to get home. There is far too much of this happening in the airline industry – it is a crying shame that they charge so much and can’t seem to provide any service.

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