Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August 3 – Back to work Monday

Yes, as the heading states, it was back to work. However, as I was getting in the car (it is really, really dark up there) I heard a ‘snort’…my butt was in the car and the door shut very fast! I started the car and just turned the corner, and there was a yearling ELK! Holy cow, I hit the brakes so hard it is the wonder that the airbags did not deploy! He was very curious, and kept walking around in a circle in front of the car. I got David on the phone and said look out the window….he did and was witness to the next 10 minutes, of that elk walking closer and closer to my car! He stuck his nose on the passenger side window! I had my windows up but I said Oh baby, don’t hurt my car! Finally I had to leave for work, and when I started away, he came to the driver’s side window and trotted alongside for a couple hundred yards! That simply set my day off to the best start!

David meanwhile decided to watch and take pictures…here are some that he took, none of them are terrific because we don’t have a big zoom on the camera, but you can see them.

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