Monday, August 10, 2009

August 7, 2009 - Ft Laramie Camp out

David drove the MH up to the town of Ft Laramie WY on Friday. He got all set up and my oh my, it was hot up there! Thankfully when I got up there it started clouding up to rain. We decided to go for a drive and see what was around.

We drove to the little burg of Lingle, WY, because we heard that there was a good restaurant there. The name of it is Lira's, and oh yes, it is good! There was a rehearsal dinner there with all kinds of young folks in their finery - notice I italicized the young! We enjoyed a good dinner, and it was pouring rain while we were in there. By the time we were ready to go, it was just sprinkling, but the temp dropped about 10 degrees. We got back to the park where an additional 8 rigs pulled in and was sitting outside chatting, about 8:30 when a COLD front moved through - a little hail, more rain and lots of wind. Wow, the temp dropped another 15 degrees! It was in the 50's and felt wonderful!

We went to bed enjoying having the windows open - this park is NOT for people that don't like trains - they went every 30 minutes, blowing their horn at least 7 times each. We don't mind the trains, but some of our group certainly did!

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