Monday, August 10, 2009

August 8, Ft Laramie

The morning brought beautiful sunny skies, and we sat outside with some great friends! We had a total of 10 rigs and we had two 'drive ins' that came to spend the day and enjoy the potluck - mostly for the fellowship and friendship.

David and I went to the FLAG restaurant, actully the Fort Laramie American Grill. If you go, don't miss it. Terrific place - only 8 tables but all the food is made on the premises (the coconut cream pie was simply to die for). After a delightful lunch, we went back and for some reason we needed a nap :) My dish for the pot luck was a rigatoni casserole, and there were so many wonderful dishes there, including just picked corn on the cob...heaven! Of course the skies opened up, so we all filled our plates and ran to our rigs. Of course about 45 minutes later it was clear again. To finish off the night we had homemade ice cream by Pam & Gary, served with a warm pan of brownies (our contribution). What a great way to end a terrific day!

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