Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25, 2011 First Day of trip

After saying goodbye to many of our friends at LSC, we headed out at o'dark thirty (well OK, 9 am) and headed west on Highway 90.  We stopped at the very first rest area to check everything out, and all looked OK. 

We made very good time, had a little traffic in Del Rio, but kept on trucking - we shared a pop tart for breakfast while on the road...when I was reading the TX guide I realized that we were going to go right through Langtry - as in Lillie Langtry and Judge Roy Bean town...where we looked at the saloon and opera house and watched a 15 minute documentary about how it all came about.  It was very interesting.  We took some pics, I'll upload them later.

The ladies in the visitor center said that if we followed the loop road back to 90, there was a little cafe there that had wonderful BBQ sandwiches - so of course we stopped there - went in and it literally had two tables...we ordered 2 sandwiches to go, and while waiting for them I came back to the MH and got out the chips, dip, pickles and water...if you are ever in the area, I highly recommend the sandwiches - they were terrific!

We got back on the road and talked about David being tired, and if we should push on into Alpine (we'd get there about 4:30) or stop in Sanderson.  Well, our minds were made up for us when David looked down and said SH** no oil pressure - we watched the temp guage and it stayed steady, so we were on pins and needles until we got here to Sanderson...where we are in a little RV park that charges $20 per night and no real amenities - showers and electric, but with the heat, we really had to have electric. 

So we are sitting here getting cool - we didn't even unhook the car - and we're going to have leftover spaghetti & meatballs (me) and Taco soup - David!  He's working on a beer right now, and as soon as i get hydrated with water, I'm going to have a real drink (Black Velvet & coke)...

Stay tuned - more coming tomorrow!

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  1. Hello from Barbara! (Lonestar #50)

    We visited Langtry on a vacay several years ago - our children were quite young. We especially remember the cactus garden outside the TXDOT headquarters (they run the Langtry site, no?) Judge Roy Bean is buried in the yard of a museum in Del Rio - if you are more interested in him. ;)

    Sorry y'all had to stop where the amenities are so few. I'll check back here later.