Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 27, 2011 Fort Davis & Fires

We got up this morning to 66 degrees!  Woohoo, it felt great!  We checked the McDonald Observatory sight and it said they expected to open at noon.  We planned our day so that we would be there by 1:30 - the tour and fun stuff was to start at 2.

We had some great oatmeal - if you need to try something different for breakfast, make some OLD FASHIONED rolled oats or steel cut.  The last couple of minutes add dried cranberries infused with blueberry juice.  I have used dried blueberries in the past, but the cost of them has gotten outrageous!  Now I buy the cranberry/blueberries and you really can't tell the difference!  I make a pot of this and refrigerate - we then nuke it for as long as it lasts :)  On top of it I sprinkle some walnuts, and a little syrup or brown suger - healthy!  We also had a toasted english muffin with peanut butter...YUM!

After breakfast we headed out first to Fort Davis, the National Park Service one...with David's access card, we got in free - and since he was having such a hard time breathing, they let us borrow their golfcart - talk about touring in style!  It was very interesting, but unfortunately we forgot our camera's (I know, silly huh!).  We came back to the campground and got the camera's, some bottled water and headed out for the observatory. 

We noticed on the way up a pretty curvy road that we could smell smoke - and lo and behold, about 5 miles from the observatory, they had the road closed.  A very nice Highway Patrolman told us that it was too dangerous, and we should go back to town - he then said that the road to Balmorahea (sp) would probably be closed as well.

We came back to town, walked around on 'mainstreet', looked in some shops, had lunh at the Fort Davis drugstore - we each had a patty melt and split an order of fries - drank water and our bill was 18.50...whew.  I went into a shop and they had T shirt dresses on sale for $98...yep, that's right, ninety-eight DOLLARS!  They wanted 11.99 per pound for fudge!  The gas here is $4.14 a gallon (the cheapest), and we went to the grocery store - wow, sticker shock!  I got a few groceries (fit in two of those little plastic bags), and no meat and it was 38.00...the people in this town must have a lot of money to live here - we sure couldn't afford it!

We came home and fired up the ac - the smoky air was giving David major trouble breathing.  I made wonderful steak salads for supper, using the leftover steak from the cook-out at LSC...boy, they were still yummy!

Here are a couple of pics of the campground we are in - and the view of some really gorgeous mountains!


  1. When we did Fort Davis Bill was having a lot of trouble with his RA and they let us use the golf cart also. They are great folks there. Too bad you can't get to the observatory, it's a great tour!!!

    Have fun and be careful out there! Hugs!

  2. Oh, no! Bad air and expensive food! I hope the air clears such that you can visit the observatory - if you haven't already ran out of Dodge. We attended a 'star party' there and it was wonderful. Take some pillows to sit on and dress warm as the night air can be chilly even in late spring.