Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 26, 2011 Murphy's law :)

Got up this morning, called the garage that RV Mobile Lube recommended, Slim's Auto Sales & Wrecker Service in Sanderson TX.  He said he would be there in a half hour - and actually showed up in 25 minutes!  Amazing!  After just a few minutes, they determined that the 'plug' was bad...so they replaced that put in 5 qts oil, started the MH - still no oil pressure.  Someone mentioned bad seals, at which point I saw big $ signs...but, the mechanic got underneath and said he though it was the 'sending unit' that was not sending to the guage...the determined that we needed to go to their garage and see if we could find a new sending unit.

Yep, they located one - in Fort Stockton.  So, into the car we went, headed 66 miles to Ft Stockton, picked up the part, $25.62, grabbed some lunch at Pepito's - (excellent) and headed back to Sanderson.  The wonderful mechanic spent over 2 hours taking the old one out and the new one in, during which time Cinder and I sat in the shade of the garage and baked :)  The temps in Hondo today was 102 - here it was 93, but hot is hot!!! 

We had determined that if the MH was ready by 3:30, we were going to head to Fort Davis to try to get back onto our schedule - we had tentative reservations at Fort Davis Motor Inn RV Park - however, when we got here, we discovered that there was a fire that just started either right behind or right in the rv park - the road was closed and we couldn't get in...so, someone was watching out for us by delaying us - we would have been there if we had got here earlier...scary!

So - we are in a very 'not so nice' campground, but are safe. We one we had reservations for was $15 per night, and had a pool...this one is $28 for the night and nothing but dust and dirt!  We are hoping to drive up to the McDonald observatory tomorrow - barring any more incidents - tune in tomorrow for more of Koehler's Karavans and hopefully some pictures!

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