Thursday, April 28, 2011

April 28, 2011 El Paso - Mission RV Park

We had such a great day today!  We got hitched up quickly this morning - we wanted to get out of the smoke from the fires as fast as possible - also, the winds seem to crop up after noon, and we wanted to be as far up the road as we could!

We took 17 from Ft Davis to Marfa, then headed down 90 towards Van Horn...we stopped for a potty break - and decided we had gotten away quickly enough that we could have some breakfast - I made us each a fried egg & cheese sandwich on multi grain rounds - and we shared a banana - pretty healthy breakfast! 

We caught 10 and the driving was so smooth that instead of stopping at Sierra Blanca where we planned, we just kept going - I got out the Passport America Book and found Mission RV Park just 20 miles from downtown El Paso...called them and they said come on in!  I read the instructions to her, she verified and I thought we were set.  We got off the correct exit, but missed a 'loop' turn...then to compound the error, David turned into a car wash that he 'thought' he could get around...unfortunately we would not make it under their, out we got, unhooked the car, I directed him back around some tricky obstacles - and off we went again, this time straight to the park!  We were pleasantly surprised - it is a terrific park, nice wide sites, pull throughs, and a wonderful swimming pool!!!  We got settled in, went into El Paso to the big blanket/knick knack place, came back and napped, had a swim, then we went out for Chinese...

What a great day!  Tomorrow we will head out - next stop, Deming, NM.


  1. While in Deming, make sure you go to the local Membres (sp?) museum. It is well worth your time. It is free - but they gladly accept donations. I suppose you will be staying at the Escapees park? Or will you be working there?

  2. Ah, Marfa. A very healthy breakfast!

    Glad you are into clearer air.

    Nitey, nite!