Saturday, April 30, 2011

April 30 - Las Cruces with Fran & Rich

Another absolutely wonderful day!  We got up and ready and headed to the clubhouse for breakfast - we had eggs to order, hash browns, sausage, toast, juice and coffee for $3.50 each...what a deal!  We chatted with 7 or 8 folks, all very nice Escapees :) 

After breakfast we picked up Fran & Rich and we took off for 'cruses'.  We had a plan - sort a - we first stopped at the Verizon store to take care of a little bill issue :(  and then Fran and I went into Hobby Lobby while David and Rich went to Hastings (oh what a mistake!).  We then were on the hunt for a Sam's club - we wanted to get a couple things - turned out to be over $100...shesh, we only had 4 things! 

Then we went to La Mesilla - the market place in old town square. 

First the guys noticed a car show - all British are a couple of them:

We shopped at a couple stores then we went to Peppers Cantina (AKA Double Eagle) was so incredibly, fantastially, awesomely, good ...well, I'll let the pictures tell drooling on your keyboard now :)  And here are Fran & Rich...

Mexican Plate #1

 Spinach Enchiladas - to die for (according to David)

Banana Enchilada's...YUM!

Afterward we shopped some more, then headed home.  We got back here to the park about 3:30...and have just vegged ever since!  It is cool out now, probably about 65.  We did get to talk to the kids/grandkids in Okinawa - we miss them and love them so much, don't know how we will wait another 16 months to see them! 

More adventures tomorrow :) 

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