Friday, July 15, 2011

July 10 through 15, 2011

So I'm playing catch up on the blog, and I just know I'm going to miss some important exciting stuff, but I'll try.  First the reason I'm behind - David 'forgot' we were on our MIFI and downloaded ALL the updates to our Gypsy (Rand McNalley RV Edition GPS), then he downloaded 1,500 emails from a secondary account - and used up ALL our available bytes - we get 3 gigs a month, and he pigged em all - is that fair?  Shoot!  Anyway, we are 'leaching' off Wendy (more later).

We left Manistique and drove to St Ignace - and our wonderful Gypsy took us straight to the Moose Club there.  They have 30 Amp Service and dump station :(  We paid $12.50 a night, and there was 1 fifth wheel there - and they have 10 sites, nestled in the pines (but NO shade where you park until late afternoon).  We had good intentions of going to Mackinaw Island, until we realized that it would cost us $44.00 for the round trip ferry ride - and seeing as how there are NO cars allowed on the island, and you catch the 'carriages' in mid-town, and with David not being able to do a lot of walking (especially up hills!), we decided we would forego that trip.  It is a good thing we did, because it poured down rain all morning on Monday the 11th! 

Two days before when I was reading through the blog that I had been following for years, I realized that Bob & Linda were essentially going to be in the same place as we were.  Having never met them face to face I fired off an email, and as happens in the full time rv world, Linda emailed me back, a date and place was set - Monday, 11:30 at the Mackinaw Grill!  Well, we were all soaked to the skin when we got there, and they had the AC cranked, so we were cold!  We settled down for a wonderful 2 1/2 hour lunch, talking about all the things that full timers talk about - coaches, routes, gps devices, dump stations, campgrounds, fairgrounds, food, restaurants :)  What a wonderful time we had getting to know these wonderful folks - and we know that we will meet again down the road someday!

The next morning we left St Ignace bright and early (ok, 9:30ish).  We went across the Mackinaw Bridge - 5 miles of suspension bridge over lakes Huron and Michigan - definitely high pucker factor there! 
We went as far as Mt Pleasant to the Isabella County Fairgrounds, where they have 97 sites with 30 amp, water with good pressure and a dump station.  We were the ONLY ones there, and it was wonderful - we took the time to hook up an extra hose, give the MH and car a bath, scrubbed and cleaned everything, and were ready to RELAX... 

We drove to Big Rapids in the car, just to say we were on the 'west coast' of MI, and it was of course gorgeous.  It is a college town, so lots of kids, even in summer, and lots of activities.  We stopped in a little restaurant downtown and had lunch - it was wonderful!  On the way home we stopped at a Mennonite farm and I bought some fresh green beans, cukes and blueberries - then we stopped at a roadside stand and I got some fresh tomatoes  wow, love this time of year!  Of course for dinner we had cheesewheels (from Lander, WY - thanks Christy), fresh green beans, sliced tomatoes and cukes - yum!

We got up yesterday and took the 70 mile trip to Charlotte MI (which they pronounce Shar Lot here!) where we settled into Wendy and Wayne's driveway - a Economy Hilton (free = economy, Hilton = close to friends) and we spent the rest of the day catching up!  Wendy and David and I all in another life, worked together in WY, and Wendy moved about 7 years ago to here, we've been talking about visiting for years, and finally made it!  We sat around last night drinking lots of beer (they have a keg in the garage - so handy!) and were up far too late, but we had a great time! 

This morning we got up and headed to Lansing and Washington Square, where we saw the historic courthouse, and I had a brief tour of the Michigan Pie Company Restaurant - OMG were the line not really long, I would have been in trouble!  As it was we had a lovely lunch at Jalepeno's...then, being true tourists we went shopping ;)  I did buy a new pair of flops (Nikes) because the ones I bought at Cabela's at the end of June are showing serious wear - guess I wear 'em out walking!  Here are Wendy, Casey and I!

We visited Meijers (pronounced MEYERS) where we got some scrumptious vittles for tomorrow nights dinner - pork chops, steak and polish sausage...Wayne is gonna grill, and I'm making potatoes and a big salad (we're going to a farmers market in the morning) and hopefully corn on the cob! 

This evening we went to Reidy's for pizza with neighbors...sorry, names are gone, I'm sure I'll get it right by the end of our visit :)

This blog was brought to you by Wendy & Wayne's internet connection - Thanks so much for letting us 'leach'!

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