Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 16, 17, 2011 In the driveway!

This morning we got up to HOT - temps as well as humidity.  We are running our AC otherwise David wouldn't be able to breathe!  I took off at 8 to the local farmers market, (forgot the camera!) where I got fresh corn on the cob, homemade wheat bread, garden lettuce, cukes, onions, and mashed potato doughnuts...oh holy cow, they tasted just like my grammy used to make - you can taste the nutmeg in 'em.  It was worth the trip just for that taste - took me back in time! 

When I came home we just vegged for the rest of the day.  It is wonderful here under the trees in the driveway, and we finished off the day with steak, chops, rosemary potatoes, fresh bread, butter and corn on the cob...YUMMO!  Here are some pics of our spot at the Economy Hilton :)

This morning I promised sausage gravy & biscuits, so I was busily cooking sausage at 8 am and realized the milk was just about to turn :(  David took over the stirring duties while I went to the store for milk.  We baked the biscuits in Wendy's oven, and I sliced up a wonderful canteloupe - oh it was so is a couple more pics of breakfast! 

Wendy and Wayne moved here 7 years ago, and there was no landscaping, decks, flowers, etc...they've worked very hard to turn this into an oasis of colors and shade!  Here are some pics of their place - they built the pergola and deck, and did all the rock work themselves.  They have a wonderful garden and a red raspberry patch.  What a testament to elbow grease!

This afternoon we will be moving over to the fairgrounds where we will have 30 amp we can run the AC full time!  Also, Wendy will need to get her car out to go to work tomorrow...:) 

I doubt that we will have any wifi over there, so I may not blog again until end of the week. 

Wendy & Wayne - what a great time we've had...hope to see you in PA or TX sometime!  


  1. Yea, you surely are in a lovely spot and loaded with a bountiful supply of great food. Never heard of mashed potato donuts.

    We have been running on 50 amp here in Gettysburg. However, this morning everything shut down. Surrounding campers were just fine. Our surge protector would reset and then go off immediately. Len moved us to the 30 amp outlet and we are up and running. Campground must have a loose wire in the 50 amp. They are calling in their electrician. Always glad for our power surge protector.

    We have no real health concerns as David has, but sure don't want to suffer in 90 some degree heat inside a tin box.

  2. Mashed Potato Donuts? That's a new one on me. Sure is hot there.