Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011 Newmar Tour & Bontragers

This morning was a hurry up morning, because we went to the 10 am tour at the Newmar motorhome plant.  All I can say is WOW.  Pictures were not allowed, but we got to see MH's built from the chassis up - and those folks really know their business.  If you ever get to the area, please do stop and take the tour - it is quite worth the trip, and it's free!  However, we really liked the King Aire, which was priced at 750,000...yep, 3/4 of a million dollars.

After the tour we headed to Bontragers, which is just about 15 miles north in Michigan...we've been shopping for dinette cushions and what we've been able to find are about $350 to $400 for the set.  I found a brand new set that actually looks great for $120.  Yahoo! 

We have not gone for our swim yet this evening, don't know if we will...we are pretty tired from all the shopping.  Tomorrow we have to be at the garage about 15 miles away for our front end alignment - which means we will be setting the alarm clock for 6 am :( 

I'll tell ya all about it when I update tomorrow night!

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