Monday, July 4, 2011

July 1 thru 4, 2011 Madison WI

We arrived here at the University of Wisconsin Medical Center July1, early in the day. 

We came here to talk to the counselors and tour the facility, because David was told by him pulmonologist at Audie Murphy that he would be a good candidate for a lung transplant.  We now know that he will have to undergo at least 3 days of testing to see if he really is a candidate, and what the alternative is to having a transplant. 

The statistics are that 1 in 20 die within 3 months of having a transplant, and the most anyone has managed afterwards is 10 years - so we will be asking some hard questions - like if he doesn't have it, how long can he have some quality of life - and how long until the end??? 

We've decided that he will start the process next year, Jan or Feb of 2012, and see how it goes.  If he is NOT a good candidate, that will make the decision for us.  If he is, we will explore alternatives and answers.  We will NOT give up, and we will live every moment that we can as best we can, enjoying every precious moment that God gives us together!

Now, enough about that - here's to living life to the fullest!!!  You know that for us, much of that is good food - both what I cook and what we eat out :)  As luck would have it, they have a marvelous Brazillian Grill here - and that was where we had Sunday Brunch - yum are some pics of course :)  Oh never mind, the internet connection is too slow!!!

We watched wonderful fireworks from the parking lot where we are parked - wonderful seats :)  The hospital has let us stay 5 nights with electric for no charge - that helps the pocketbook! 

Today, being the 4th, we went to Biaggi's and had Italian...I had butternut squash ravioli and david had seafood cannelloni boy, it was fabulous!  Of course for dinner tonight we had cereal :) 

Found the biggest Whole Foods store I've ever been to - we now have our favorite granola to top yogurt with...yay! 

We also found a Camping World and bought a new GPS - it is the new Rand McNally RV Edition - it is our Christmas gift to each other - because there are many roads where we are going with low bridges and narrow roads - we put in our length, width, weight, with and without the car, and David has been playing with it.  We were done with our Garmin - it kept putting us in downtown areas so with a MH pulling a car there is not much fun there.  I'll let you know how we like it :)


  1. I sure do like your spunk! Attitude is 1/2 the battle - keep it up!


    (difficult to post on your blog too)

  2. Saw that new GPS on the Escapee site. Let us know how it works and if it is really worth the money.

    Be safe as you travel.

  3. Peggy, Peggy...and David! You two are coping with as nasty a deck of cards as we are. I appreciate all your uplifting comments even more! So we'll keep the black cloud at bay and look for special moments every day :)...hugs to you both!

  4. Hey you two--it's always exciting to see what you've been doing and the places you've gone. I just started my own blog but it won't be as fun as yours, I'm sure. Check me out if you want to at Ha! Larae