Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 29 & 30 - Webster County Fairgrounds, IA, Kieler, WI

Yesterday we got up and hit the road by 9:15, and drove to the Webster Co Fairgrounds where we parked for $15 per night - which we think is pretty spendy for 30 amp electric and water!  However, the fairgrounds were lush and green, very well taken care of, no thistles or goat heads for Cinder to get into, and we were the only people there!  Gotta love that!  We sat outside and had happy hour, while throwing the ball for Cinder and just enjoying ourselves.  We did not even unhook the car!  I made a terrific dinner of pasta with olive oil, garlic, onion, red pepper flakes & thing about it was I had already cooked the pasta (see spaghetti dinner at Holyoke), and had the rest in the fridge and freezer.  Did not have to buy anything :)  We also had leftover angel food cake with fresh peaches...yum!

This morning we started out just fine - we knew we had about 200 miles to go, and there was a heat advisory out, so we started the generator and ran the AC while going down the road.  Now don't you know that when we stopped for gas the AC blew fuses or something - David wiggled some wires, clicked the breakers and we had AC again.  Then we stopped for lunch at a grocery store, and of course, bang, no AC again.  David was too out of breath to go out and try to fix it again, so we headed down the road with just the dash air - wow, it was hot hot hot!!! 

We arrived here at Rustic Barn RV park where we didn't realize there was no 'sewer' hookup until after we were parked - The inside of the MH was showing 104 degrees, so we will dump on our way out in the morning - this is an 'ok' campground, but we would not stay here again.  $32.75 for elec & water...I don't think so! 

We did go out for dinner - even with the AC running we couldn't get it below 85 in here, and we were HOT - so we found a place called Kall Inn Supper Club where we had an excellent meal!  I did take pictures but I'm too tired to load 'em up tonight. 

Tomorrow we head into Madison Wisconsin...I'll try to catch up with pics and stuff then.

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