Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 26, 2011 Polk NE

Today started the usual way - we had a pop tart early, then puttered around - then it was NOT usual...we got ready and went to church with Mike & Carlyn!!!  Yes, I know we don't normally do that, however, it was a service that is held only once a YEAR.  It is a Methodist service held in an old Swede church, in Holder, NE.  When they told us about it and invited us, we just had to say yes!

The grounds are a bible camp, and the deal was struck 25 years ago to move the church about a mile up the road for the bible camp to use - but they must have a real Methodist service once a year to keep the church.  Through the years they have done an enormous amount of work on the church, both inside and out, and it is really feel you've stepped back in time.  The service was very nice, and lots of old fashioned hymns were sung and enjoyed.

After the service, they put on a wonderful roast beef lunch, with full salad bar, and several kinds of pie - cherry, peach, apple, strawberry rhubarb...everything was wonderful, and we thank Mike & Carlyn for buying our lunch!

Afterwards, we came home and just got in the door in time for lots more thunderstorms.  Such booming and banging!  There is much soggy ground around here, but it sure makes for beautiful green lawns and flowers!  We all got naps during the rain, then we both loaded up our laundry and drove to Central City to the nearest laundromat (15 miles) about 4...did all the laundry, stopped at DQ for dinner & dessert, and came home to yet more thunderstorms!  There are severe storm warnings all round us, as well as tornado warnings...scary scary stuff!  Hail, lightening, rain, wind...but we are snug in our MH and the tornado shelter is about 25 steps from us, so if the radio alert goes off, we're outta here! 

Our friend Jimmie Schader, at Lone Star Corral, sent us this picture of the Pride of Barbados plant that is blooming on our lot...number 24!  They only bloom when it is VERY hot - so I hope to only see it in pictures :)  Thanks Jimmie!

We're heading to Pender NE tomorrow - stay tuned for that adventure! 

Mike & Carlyn - thanks for the memories...see ya down the road!

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