Sunday, June 19, 2011

June 18 Chappell to Holyoke

This morning we got up with 11 units of Jackalopes in the campground!  Yes, the club that we used to camp with once a month was at Chappell!  We got together for a lovely pot luck breakfast - it was all so delicious, but most of all it was seasoned with the friendships we have forged over the years! 

Do you know that you can click on any of the pictures to make them bigger?  Please do so if any interest you!

After a quick meeting Pam & Gary took off for Holyoke, CO...David and I were about 20 minutes behind them.  It was a short travel day - only about 50 miles, which was very pleasant! 

Statistics:  We are at the Red Dale National Wagon Train 2011 Rally.  It is being held this year at Holyoke, Colorado.  It runs from Sunday, June 19th through Friday, June 24th, which is hitch up and go day :)

We actually were members of the Jackalopes, and the Longmont Red Dale Drifters.  We are now classified as Members At Large, because we no longer have a stix and brix house here in the mid-west!  So, for the next couple days, I will attempt to show and tell - show you in pics what we are doing, tell you in words! 

We came in a day early to 'help' the Drifters park the clubs as they come in.  It doesn't sound like a very hard job, but when you are expecting 75 to 100 BIG rv units in one location, it is quite a task!  Thankfully, we had Ron Bernard from the Drifters who got here early enough to map our the parking and started us parking in the different locations!  We got a spot pretty close to the building, where the events take place, which is wonderful - so David can walk to stuff and not have to drive the car! 

After David backed in the MH, we immediately started chatting to friends :)  This went on for hours, in the sun, the result of which was:  TOO MUCH SUN

 The Drifter's then gathered together and had a wonderful Salad Supper - there was SO much food!  All kinds of salads, including crab, tuna, pasta, potato, macaroni, jello salads, cheese & crackers, fresh fruit, french bread, chocolate chip bars as well as rice krispie treats...It was all delicious!  Then there was a short meeting and it was time to come back home.  At the beginning of the meeting a front came through and it got very COLD...we had to put on jackets! 

The day ended with playing with Cinder, relaxing in our home and chatting about the was wonderful and we anticipate many more this week!

Oh yes, Happy Father's Day to all the dads out my dad, Chauncey Friedline, I love you more than words can say, and to the love of my life, David, you are a wonderful father, and a spectacular Grandpa!!! 

Here are a few pics of the Drifter's Salad Supper!

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