Saturday, June 11, 2011

June 11, 2011 BBQ & Pizza :)

This morning once again was a 'hang out' morning where we really didn't do anything - we were going to have breakfast at the Moose club, but when we walked over there was a sign that said NO breakfast...:( 

We were invited to a BBQ at Cindy Love's house at 1ish, and I put together a nice tossed salad, using fresh lettuce and onions from Maureen's garden!  We got to Cindy's and boy, she sure puts on a BBQ!  Unfortunately, her bubby Shawn was called out to work, but another of our friends, Deena was there, along with Cindy's daughter Stephanie and her two children (totally adorable) and a friend of Shawn's, Dave.  There was pasta salad, veggie tray, marvelous potatoes in foil, ribs, sausage, chicken breast, burgers & dogs...oh my!!!  So much food! 

This was my SECOND plate...

Of course, seeing our friends and having such a great time reminiscing and solving the problems of the world really takes precedent over the food...or the food is the excuse we use to get together to do that.  Here we are :)

We finished off the day by running some errands and having the best possible pizza in the world (at least the Cheyenne portion of the world) - Parkway!  Oh yeah, it's that good!!!

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