Saturday, June 11, 2011

June 10, 2011 - Cheyenne & Longmont Friends

This morning was kind of laid back - took my time waking up, having coffee with my sweetie, surfing the net...looked at the clock and uh oh, best get moving.

Met a wonderful friend for breakfast at Perkins.  Jody and I met through Zonta International, and finding we have many things in common, became pretty good friends!  We chatted for an hour and a half, and had a lovely time catching up!  Jody, thanks so much for breakfast!  I had my camera with me and did not take a single picture...sorry!

Then we were off to Longmont to see Lloyd & Maureen...what a terrific couple!  Maureen fixed us a wonderful lunch of chili relleno casserole and salad with fresh lettuce and onions out of her garden, pund cake with raspberries and whipped cream yum!  Once again we talked for several hours to these fascinating people!  They have a 'ranch' in Montana and we got to see pictures and hear stories from many years ago - they are heading up there soon and will not be at 'National' in Holyoke.  They both have some health issues so it was doubly important that we get to see them.  Life really is far too short you know to miss out on good friends!  Maureen and I went out and robbed her garden of some fresh lettuce, onions, and rhubarb.  Yum!

Then we went about 2 blocks and stopped to visit with another very special couple, Joe & Sandy!  If you follow the blog, you know that I was in PA when they stopped in Hondo to visit us, so they had to make do with David :)  They also spent a couple months with us in Rockport in the winter of '09.  Needless to say, they are always on our list to see if we are close!

Joe asked if we had to hurry back to Cheyenne or if we could stay for dinner, of course we can ALWAYS stay for dinner :)  They took us to a lovely restaurant called Pinocchios...once again, several hours of fun talking, reminiscing and planning the future!  We will see these two along with many of our camping buddies beginning next Friday...and at 'National' held in Holyoke CO June 19th through 24th...if you are anywhere close, give us a holler and we'll meet up!!!

Joe & Sandy - thanks so much for a delicious dinner, and wonderful friendship!

Oh yes, in the picture we were all laughing very hard because I forgot to take pictures of our dinners...and Sandy said see if someone else would let me take a pic of their food...hilarious! 

Jody, Lloyd N Maureen, Joe N Sandy, and of course David, thanks for the memories!

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