Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 15, 2011 Chappell NE

Today was one of those days where we did domestic stuff...I defrosted the freezer, and we drove to Julesburg CO (16 miles away) and did laundry.

Julesburg is a very nice little town, lots of big beautiful cottonwoods (aaccchhhooo) and very well manicured lawns.  We got some very good ice cream to eat while the washing machines were running!

I also took the opportunity to read - I have a kindle and I love it!  Especially since I've joined Pixel of Ink on facebook and they send me messages about free books every day - I have about 40 downloaded that I haven't had time to get to yet!!! 

It got to be 86 here yesterday - the hottest weather we've had since we left Texas.  We did run the AC for about 2 hours, then we sat outside after dinner and when it was cool enough, we turned it off and just run the fans. 

There was quite a light show last night - a little bit of rain but LOTS of lightening!  Not a lot of thunder either...kind of weird!

Because I was in a 'domestic' mood, we had taco salads for lunch, followed by fish, baked potato & cole slaw for dinner...unfortunately the fish tasted like 'freezer' and we had to toss it :(  I hate it when I let food go bad!!! 

This RV park is very nice - 30 spots, some 50 amp and some 30 amp, 1/4 mile off I-80, and very quiet except for the trains.  However, having lived about a block from the trains in Cheyenne for 14 years, we like lto hear them and we sleep very well!

No pics today - I'm sure no one wants to see me defrosting the freezer, or washing windows :)

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