Thursday, June 2, 2011

June 2, 2011 South Pass City/Atlantic City WY

This morning we were back in tourist mode, although we've been to these places before, we had no pictures or a blog post about them.  We headed out of Lander about 11, and drove the 20 something miles to Atlantic City - WY.  It is pretty much a ghost town, population 'about' 57...:)  We did not stop anywhere there - it was very cold and windy, with lots of snow along the roads.

Then we headed over to South Pass City, where we stopped at the Mercantile and David got a WY shirt that he really liked. 

Really neat old mines!  We drove a couple miles past South Pass City, and lo and behold there was a river runniing across the road - well, you know the saying, 'Turn around, don't drown'...and although we probably would not have drowned, chances that we would get stuck were pretty high - so we turned around involving many back ups and go forwards because the road was narrow, and dirt, and the shoulders were very soft and mucky! 

All the rivers and creeks here are running very high, and there is much concern about flooding once the weather really warms up.  We left the high country (elevations over 7,000 feet) and as we were coming down we stopped to take in the Red Canyon - oh gorgeous! 

We drove back to base (Christy & Denny's) had naps...and a happy hour...and it was leftovers for dinner!  Yay - nobody had to cook :)  Oh yes, to report on the little critters - the fogger did the trick - at least we have seen no more of the little buggers!!! 

Tomorrow we need to pull up the jacks and go dump the tanks - we've been here 6 days, so it needs to be done!  Hopefully our mail will get here soon - then we will be heading on up the road. 

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  1. What? No casinos in Atlantic City? Actually there was deserted areas of the one I grew up near in NJ.

    Still have to post as Anonymous as Google blogger won't yet me post any other way on SOME blogs.