Monday, June 6, 2011

June 3,4,5 Life in the slow lane

We've been SO intent on having that great grandson born, and working with Chris and her books, cooking and just enjoying life that I haven't had the energy to post!  Now that Landon has made his appearance, I'll try to recap a couple of things we did the past couple days!

We went for a couple drives around the area, just to get another look :)  We took the MH out and dumped tanks, filled up with gas (down to $3.67 gal...yaayy), did a lot of sitting in the driveway with friends and chatting! 

We went to a local Mexican restaurant for lunch yesterday, and I made potato salad for supper and we had a bbq - brats and burgers & beans...yum!

Of course, on Friday night we went to Svilar's in Hudson WY.  Really, it is the restaurant to go to in the area :)  I had Prime Rib...yum did David, Denny had sirloin & Chris had Lobster and Prime Rib...wonderful dinner - thanks Denny for buying :) 

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