Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 28, 2011 Blue Ox

We spent a very restful night, and this morning bright and early - ok, 8:45, we talked to our rep, he took our tow bar in to have it x-rays, tested for stress, etc, etc...and sure enough, it showed some wear...imagine that, it's only been pulling vehicles since 1998! 

So, instead of paying $280 to fix the problem, and having a 13 year old tow bar, we bit the bullet and upgraded to a new version.  Better than losing the car - but definitely not easy on the pocketbook!  Just go see what a new Aventa 10,000 lb tow bar runs..ouch!

We did get a tour of the factory at 2:30 - that lasted until after 4!  Did you know that Blue Ox is truly an american made product?  Yep, completly made here in Pender NE...where they employ 110 people, and some amazing welders!  It was a great tour!

We went to the local pizzeria for dinner - not healthy but oh so good!  We're just in for the night, I have fresh peaches sliced in a little splenda to go over a little angel food cake...night all!

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  1. Somes times we just have to bite the bullet.

    However, I'd rather bite the pizza or angel food cade with peaches.

    (still can't commment under Google)