Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1, 2011 Riverton/Casino's/Carnival was a good off day, and we made arrangements to have lunch with a dear friend, Darla in Riverton.  We got ready and took off about 10 - we were to meet her at 11:15 at the Depot.  Our first stop was at the Wind River Casino...where we walked around and made a $5 donation :)
We then went to the depot and had lunch - it was delicious!  Here is a pic of the train that runs around the top of the restaurant...very neat!

 Here is Darla

After a yummy lunch we went to Wal-Mart, where we purchased flowers to put on Ted and Dorothy's grave (Davids folks), remember we've had snow here for a couple days and were unable to get there!  We then drove over to Ethetee to the 'Little Wind' Casino, and did a quick tour of that!

We stopped at Fort Washakie and looked in the store, did not buy a thing - can you believe it?  I've NEVER left that store with nothing, but I did today :)

We came back to Chris & Denny's place, had a quick nap and then the four of us went off to Riverton to the carnival!  Here is David & Chris, cutting up as usual!

Then, because the carnival was SUCH a disappointment, (we were planning on eating all 'junk' food, and there was only 1 booth selling stuff, we left and went to Petree's Italian and had fantastic food (with plenty for lunch tomorrow)...then we came home don't think we passed up funnel cake did ya???  Nope - and here's the proof, along with a real candied apple...yum yum!

Tomorrow we will really do something unusual.  I wasn't going to mention this, but a lot of folks that follow this blog really want to know not only the fun and good, but also the nasty...since we have been sitting here we've gotten some type of nasty little ants, so we got a 'fogger' and tomorrow morning it will be open cupboards and drawers, set it off and get out of dodge for at least 3 hours!  Don't know where the little critters came from, but they are outta here!!

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