Monday, May 30, 2011

May 30, 2011 Memorial Day in Lander WY

Mexican Lasagne


Happy Memorial Day - we started the day looking out the window and groaning - more snow!!! Oh well, let's get this day started!

We went to the local VFW who was hosting a free pancake, sausage & egg breakfast - David is a lifetime member, so we were warmly welcomed. Besides the food, there was orange juice, milk, & coffee to drink. It was all very good, and we got our 'poppies' that we proudly wear each year.

Many thanks to all the servicemen and women out there - the ones that have served our country in the past, including my darling David, and my Dad, Chauncey, as well as all those currently serving, especially our dear daughter Dawn serving in Afghanistan and Son in law Daryl serving in Okinawa Japan. Love you all and very proud of you!

We drove around town looking at all the snow :( Really, what is up with this weather???? Talked to Dad in PA and it was 88 we have snow, in Hondo they have 104...what???? Where is spring? They tell us there is NO global warming - but something is drastically wrong...just MHO!

Christy has a favorite cake that I make - it is an old fashioned oatmeal cake with pecan/coconut icing - so I got that baked today and she made dinner...on the menu was Mexican Lasagne, artisan bread...oh my, how yummy!
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  1. Hey - come to think of it I never saw anyone selling poppies this year. Must have been in wrong places.

    How long will you be in WY? We will be there but not until August. Will be in SD by early July.

    I am signing in as anonymous as that is the only way Google allows me to get through.


  2. Hi Phyllis - yes, I've been reading about your is working good for me :)

    We will be in WY until about the 12th of June, then Longmont CO for about 5 days, then Holyoke, CO for a week, then Pender NE...followed by ....we will end up in PA sometime in August :) Gotta love it!