Friday, May 13, 2011

May 12 & 13, 2011 Bryce Canyon, farewell dinner, Green River

We got up on Thursday morning and headed for Bryce Canyon National Park.  Once again, the scenery almost hurts your eyes it is so beautiful!  Ruby's Inn is a cool place, with lots of 'stuff' for sale :)  However, the star of the day was the scenery!  Here are a couple pics...again the camera does not do justice to the beauty and granduer! 

After lots of getting in and out of the car, we left the park, and went to Beaver UT to a cheese factory outlet - wow, talk about a kid in a candy store!!!

We got back to Cedar City about 3:30, and got a nap (me, David slept the whole way back!)  and had a fantastic meal with John & Kaki, followed by more chatting...and a lovely ice cream pie on the oh my, it's a wonder we left at all!

This morning we left about 7:45 headed for Green River, UT.  We arrived a little after 2, and got a spot at Shady Acres RV Park where we are sitting under a tree.

More adventures in store tomorrow - going to see that little baby girl great grand daughter - and hold her and listen to her giggle - can't wait!  I'll get some pictures too!


  1. We took a quick trip throught Bryce a few years back. We need to head back that direction and really spend some time.

    Enjoy that little one.

  2. Barbara (from LoneStar)May 15, 2011 at 4:01 PM

    Your photos are excellent! (Even better without the date on them.)

    Saw your sweet girls in the newer post - how wonderful for you to visit with them!