Friday, May 27, 2011

May 27, 2011 Grand Junction to Rawlins

We left Grand Junction this morning about 8:45 am - stopped twice for potty stops, and 1 lunch stop at WalMart in Craig, CO...were we thought we might stop, but it was just lunch time, so we thought we'd make Baggs, WY - when we got there it was only 45 degrees...too cold to boondock...brrr, so we drove on to Rawlins.

We are now at RV World Campground, full hook-ups including about 100 cable channels, and with our Escapee discount it was $19.95 for the night - yay!!! 

We had leftover Mexican for dinner from last night, and it was OK - not spectacular, but OK.  We have chocolate cake, banana's and watermelon for our choices of snack tonight! 

Did not take a single pic today, although there was some spectacular scenery - I really think we're scenery'd out at the moment!  I expect we'll be taking some pics around Lander/Riverton area, where we expect to be tomorrow and probably stay 5 or 6 days - David is going to help our friend Christy with her computer, while I shop and have fun.  Yep - the adventure continues :) 

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